Why Hand Rolled Cigars?

A hand-rolled cigar refers to one that is entirely made by hand. Hand rolled cigars are produced by expert cigar rollers and are the result of art and craftsmanship.  Machine-made cigars are mass-produced and are from scraps of homogenized tobacco. Unlike machine rolled cigars, a true hand rolled cigar consist of filler, binder, and outer wrapper. It is made with pure 100% tobacco that is often imported from other countries such as the Dominican Republic. Because hand rolled cigars are purely from tobacco leaves, they have a smoother taste and better scent than their machine-made counterparts.  This tobacco typically has a better flavor and feel than that of the tobacco found in machine-made cigars, making for a much better smoking experience.  Many believe hand rolled sticks are more enjoyable, though some enthusiasts still enjoy machine rolled cigars too.

Though it is true that handmade cigars are often much more expensive than machine rolled ones, it is important to acknowledge that not all hand rolled cigars are expensive. In fact, local tobacconists may have “grab bags” or even bins in which single cigars can be purchased for a few bucks. Cigar specialty shops often carry individual cigars that can be bought for an affordable price. If you do a little digging, it’s not impossible to find a great, premium hand rolled cigar for a great price. While most smokers consider handmade cigars superior to their machine-produced counterpart, the verdict still depends on what kind of cigar a smoker prefers. This preference is usually determined by the taste, cost, and how often they smoke.