Frequently Asked Questions

Let Us Answer Some of The Most Common Cigar 64 Questions
What Type of Brands Can I Expect?

We feature a wide range of brands (to date we've shipped well over 500+ Different Brands)! However, we tend to focus especially on boutique and harder to find cigars. We love the classics and go-to's, but we have found our Members really love to discover new brands, new blends and new options. Expect a good mix between 'legacy' and boutique brands, with an emphasis on boutique.

How Does Your Memberships Work?

During the membership signup process, you'll select which membership you prefer with pre-set preferences. Your membership subscription will give you access to the Buy Cigar page and the discounts according to your membership subscription. Your Membership Welcome Package ships out within 3 Business Days of your Membership Signup.

Do Members Receive Discounts or Special Offers?


Can I & How Do I Cancel My Membership?

Yes - you can cancel your Membership at anytime; there is absolutely no obligation when you sign up. If you ever need to cancel your membership subscription, you can login and go to My Account page and manage your membership subscription from there. If you have any additional questions you can always drop us an email from our Contact Us page.

When Does My Order Ship?


What Is Your Return Policy?


Do I Have To Keep Using The Age Checker?